24/12/2009 07:50, Report by Nick Coppack
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Q&A: Delphic

With a highly-anticipated debut album due in January, Manchester band Delphic are being tipped for the very top in 2010.

We recently caught up with the trio - Matthew Cocksedge, Richard Boardman and James Cook - whose track ‘Red Lights’ is currently enjoying exclusive airplay at Old Trafford on matchdays and grilled them on all things United…

Why United?
Rich: My grandparents, from the age of one or two, would just buy me United kits. So I had it mapped out for me and had no choice in the matter.
Matt: I remember being in the changing rooms after P.E. in junior school one day and a kid asked everybody who they supported. When it came to me I just went with the majority and said United.
James: My family are from the West Country and my dad used to be in this crew that had mopeds and would ride up to Old Trafford every weekend. He told me all these stories and I thought: ‘I want some of that.’

What’s your earliest United memory?
: The first time I remember really caring about a match was in 1993/94 when we lost 1-0 to Wimbledon. I was so angry that I threw my tennis ball against the wall and smashed some of my mum and dad’s pictures. I tried to reason that I did it in the name of United so I shouldn’t get into trouble.
Matt: I followed United for a long time purely through newspapers and magazines. But I did go on a school trip to Blackpool in 1995 and we went to watch them play Preston North End. It was when David Beckham was on loan there and everyone was talking about this kid who was meant to be brilliant. He scored a free-kick, too!

Who was your first hero?
: Mark Hughes. I actually wanted him to be my dad and I told my father that at one point! I don’t think he was very pleased.
Rich: I used to love Gary Pallister and had Pally posters all over my room. After that it was Cantona – everybody wanted to be Eric.

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