Pride of all Europe

There was plenty to be proud about as the Reds beat Bayern - even if United ultimately bowed out of the Champions League.

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08/04/2010 23:51, Report by By Geoff Berkeley
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Fans remain positive

The Talking Reds message board has been awash with reaction to United's midweek exit from the Champions League. But amid the understandable disappointment, there's pride and positivity. Here's a selection of posts...

I am really proud of how the players fought last night and gave their all. They played brilliantly and they can hold their heads up high, even though it must hurt really bad. I am proud to be a Man Utd supporter. Last night's performance epitomises what this club is about. We will take it on the chin, pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and fight another day! Glory, glory Man Utd!
Posted by: man utd cap

Glad to see some positive thoughts out here. The first half was absolutely outstanding, we showed ourselves to be one of the two best teams in the world (the other being Barcelona). I was really pleased with Nani and Valencia. The opponents have maybe two of the four best wingers on the planet (Robben and Ribery) but Nani and Valencia were better than them yesterday. I was really disappointed Rafael got dismissed, because I thought he was great. Ribery couldn't do anything in the first half because of him.
Posted by: michiel

Forget the Champions League for now, we'll win it in 2010/11. We lost the tie in the second half in Munich, but don't feel too bad, because we'll win the league now. Stand up and fight for it! We're Manchester United, the greatest club ever and this year it's time for the 19th title!
Posted by: Oliver Pyerin

No doubt we did great in the first half. When I saw the second goal from Nani I already believed we were in the semi-final. But everything changed at the very beginning of the second half. This is football. This is life. I am proud of United. We will be back in the Champions League next year. But first, I hope the Reds can win the title at the end of this season.
Posted by: Wen love united

No matter what some of you say, this season is not a failure in my eyes. We lost two great footballers at the beginning of the season. All the pundits were writing us off but we showed we can still be at the top despite losing Ronaldo and Tevez. With minor changes this team will be up there again next season I'm sure. Falling out of the CL is a painful thing but overall I say good job to the boys. Keep the red flag

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