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20/12/2010 17:51 , Editorial team
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Today at OT 20 to 21 Dec

rules to dodgems, one of the activities on offer at the festive event. (AB)

Monday 20 December

As we head off to prepare for the annual staff party at Old Trafford, we'll leave you with a couple of video clips - this afternoon's news bulletin from MUTV, plus the action from five years ago today when Ji-sung Park scored his first-ever goal for United on a cold night in Birmingham. Both links are on the left. Enjoy. (AB)

15:42 Congratulations to Darren Fletcher, who has been voted the Manchester United Disabled Supporters' Association player of the year. Darren, along with the rest of the first-team squad and the coaching staff, attended MUDSA's annual Christmas dinner at Old Trafford today. (NC)

12:45 Howard Webb will referee Manchester United v Liverpool in the FA Cup third round on Sunday 9 January (13:30 GMT). It's an appointment Liverpool fans aren't too happy about. They seem to think Webb always favours United at Old Trafford. Meanwhile, I've also heard groans from United fans about the appointment. It seems like you just can't win if you're a referee... (NC)

11:52 Did anyone see a story in the newspapers yesterday about a certain Argentina striker coming back to Old Trafford. According to The Mail on Sunday, "Manchester United have been approached with a sensational offer to buy Carlos Tevez back from their neighbours City." Hmm... as talented as he is, my first question is would we have him back? Post your answers to that one in our Today at OT thread on the message board. (AB)

11:27 I'm surprised Ben didn't mention it earlier, but it's absolutely freezing this morning. Even now, my phone tells me it's minus 12 outside. In fact, it's so cold that the hands of the Munich clock on the Old Trafford forecourt have stopped. And no, it's not because it's permanently fixed at 3:04, the time of the crash. That's just a popular myth/fallacy - in normal weather conditions it's a regular, working clock. (Nick Coppack)

09:45 There's loads to catch up on over the weekend

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