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Nick Coppack webchat journalist Nick Coppack is in Glasgow for United's Champions League match against Rangers and spent an hour answering fans' questions on Wednesday afternoon.

Nick discussed, among other things, the likely line-up for this evening's game, Tomasz Kuszczak's United future, the merits of playing Rooney with a partner as opposed to on his own and Scottish delicacies like deep-fried Mars bars and Irn Bru.

If you missed it, or loved it so much that you want to relive the experience, you can read the full transcript below.

Whats your score predicition for tonight? Dai, Cwmbran
This seems like a good place to end the webchat. Thanks for everybody's questions and I apologise if I didn't get around to answering your submission (there were well over 200). Oh, my prediction... 1-0 United.

Have you ever had a conversation with Sir Alex? Abdulaziz, Saudi Arabia
Yes, on many occasions. We interview the boss from time to time for both and the monthly magazine, Inside United. The magazine interviews can sometimes last 20 minutes or so and it's just you and him sitting on a couch - a lot different to the press conferences you probably see on TV. Once we even shared a piece of toast in his office at Carrington. Well, he had two and offered me his second. That was sweet. Of course you always go into these interviews with a little trepidation (it's terrible having to interview him after United have suffered a heavy defeat), but more often than not they go off without a hitch. He's a fascinating man to talk to; those interviews are a real privilege. 

Will my question get answered by any chance? Pleeeeeeeaaaaasse!!!! Glorio , London
Probably not.

I'm sure Giggs will sign a new one-year deal soon, but do you think Scholes will? Dan Matthews, Yorkshire
I hope they both do. Regardless of their ages, they're both more than capable of performing at the top level. It's just a case of how their bodies are holding up and whether or not they've still got the desire to play. I have a hunch we'll see Scholes put pen to paper.

Which is your favorite

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