Fabio falls foul

The referee didn't need video replays to award United the winning penalty at Ibrox, after a crude challenge on Fabio. But would TV cameras have made a difference to his decision-making when Berbatov went down in the box early on?

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25/11/2010 11:25, Report by David Stowell, MUTV
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Time for TV replays?

MUTV's David Stowell reflects on Rangers vs United...

Battle of Britain it wasn't. Let's face it, everyone built the game up and as a spectacle it failed to deliver. But the journalists who turned up at Ibrox with pencils sharpened, itching to write Wayne Rooney's footballing obituary, had to hastily and begrudgingly re-write the copy to include the word "matchwinner".

The intensity that we didn't see in the game popped up all over Wazza's face when he scored. He read the script and thumped home a headline-making qualification-ensuring spot-kick that may well jump start his season and keeps United's on track. He was so caught up in the triumphant moment that it didn't seem to worry him that an enthusiastic fan joined him on the turf in search of a smooch. Michael Carrick seemed to encourage it!

I had lunch with Chris [Smalling], Chico and Bebe the other day and they were all itching to get up to Glasgow to sample the atmosphere. And at kick-off it was electric. But of all the action at Ibrox last night, one moment fired me up more than most and it centred around Berba. Not that he did nothing wrong. On the contrary, he was the victim. A few minutes gone, collision in the box. Penalty? No. The so-called "fifth official" was standing a massive 11 yards away and had the best view in the ground. The magic wand in his hand had clearly lost its mojo.

This incident happened in a United game but I'm not naive enough to think that other teams don't suffer from bad luck and bad decisions, just ask Tony Pulis. But, what is the answer to these errors. Should we keep employing extra officials before consulting technology? And if so, why? How much power should video replays have? Should we just let it go?

TV already rules some people's lives. It's where I make my living, so you could say I'm biased, but its power is unquestionable. It can reignite careers for celebs marooned in the jungle, make 13 average Joes locked in a house for months on end seem interesting and can bring Jennifer Anniston into your front room in stunning HD. (Well, one out of three ain't bad.)

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