A dream come true

Justin converted a spot-kick during the United Relief charity match at Old Trafford this year.

He told us: "If I'm being picky, I'd have preferred it to have been at the Stretford End, in the last minute against Liverpool." Oh well.

23/09/2010 14:32, Report by Nick Coppack
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Funnyman's a serious Red

Justin Moorhouse, comedian and one-time co-star of Eric Cantona, spoke exclusively to about his love for the Reds.

How did you become a United fan?
I can't remember making a decision to be a United fan – that's just what I've always been. My mum was apparently standing on the Stretford End when she was eight months pregnant with me, in the 1969/70 season, so that shows you her commitment.

Do you see many matches?
I go to about 90 per cent of the home games and I go away when I can get a ticket. I've also started watching the Reserves and Academy on MUTV, so I guess I'm turning into something of a middle-aged obsessive bore.

You're primarily a comedian but you acted in Looking For Eric. Did you get to meet the great man?
I went to a couple of auditions and improvisation sessions and then I was in my car one day and Ken Loach, the director, rang me. He asked if I could come and meet him the next day. Then he said: 'Can I tell you a secret? Eric's going to be in the film.' We didn't know at that stage. So the next day I turned up to do some more improvisation and Eric was there. We did a few scenes and then had a cup of tea. I'll always remember the way he pushed this plate of biscuits towards me and said, in his thick French accent: 'Justin, would you like a Jammie Dodger?' It was the weirdest moment of my life.

Is it true that Steve Evets, the lead actor in the film, didn't know about Cantona's involvement until the scene where Eric first appears?
Absolutely. He'd heard this French accent behind the curtain but there were a few Belgian guys working on the set so he didn't think anything of it. Steve's reaction in the film, when he turns around and sees Eric in his bedroom, was the exact way he reacted when Eric revealed himself. It was brilliant. Eric was superb – he signed autographs for everyone on set and there were hundreds of extras in the film. At the end of the filming we were all given signed Eric Cantona rubber masks.

What other United memorabilia do you own?
I've got a signed photograph of when Eric scored the winner against Liverpool in the 1996 FA Cup final. And I've bought a few other things over the years at charity auctions. I've got a signed Paul

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