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16/09/2010 11:17


Red Voices: Podcast #3

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It's been a busy week for the Reds - and it's not gone entirely to plan, has it? Dropped points at Everton and a frustrating stalemate against Rangers, shockingly capped off with a double leg break for Antonio Valencia that looks like it has prematurely ended his season.

But if there's one fixture to jolt you out of feeling sorry for yourself then it's the visit of Liverpool on Sunday. So that's exactly what our podcast panel has been discussing this week in the latest edition of Red Voices, the official podcast.

Regular host Stewart Gardner was absent this week (Gardner's leave, arf!), so fellow MUTV presenter Mark Sullivan stepped into the breach and was joined by Ben Hibbs, Nick Coppack and Gemma Thompson to discuss why oh why we slipped up at Goodison, those ever-so stubborn Scots, and a second Scouse encounter inside a week.

You can stream the latest podcast and the archived editions in the video player (above). Alternatively, you can download the mp3 now (right click 'save target as').

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