07/01/2012 09:32,
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Rivals unite for family

Joleon Lescott said: “Meeting Cailin and Zach today was a genuinely humbling experience. For two such young people to suffer such tremendous loss and injury is truly heartbreaking and it is credit to their mother and brother’s memory that they have kept going.

"Despite our obvious rivalry, we were very happy to team up with United today to help shine a light on the fundraising efforts on the family’s behalf and we would urge fans of both clubs to show their support by making a donation. We’re delighted that the family will be our guests at this weekend’s game and hope we can put on a good show for them.”

Tom Cleverley said: “Obviously in this city football is massive but as we’ve been reminded today, there are more important things in life like family and good health. When you hear of stories like this, it does open your eyes. Even though we are rivals on the pitch, it’s good that we can come together off the pitch and support families like this as one city.

“I can speak for players and say that whenever there is a problem at home, when I get on that pitch it goes out of your mind. Hopefully football can have that effect for people who are suffering or are ill. It can give them some enjoyment and help put smiles on their faces.

“This tragedy has obviously been devastating for the family. Hopefully they’ve enjoyed coming to Carrington today and as they are United fans, I hope we can win on Sunday to make their visit even more special.”

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