08/12/2009 12:38, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Exclusive Q&A: Matty James

Have you been involved much in the first-team set-up before?
I was on the bench against Hull for the last game of last season when I was only 17. I was in the Carling Cup squad for the game against Barnsley. I’ve had a bit of a taste of it, but not to the level of a Champions League game. Any time you’re with the first-team it’s a really big buzz so I’m enjoying it.

What are the key things you’ve learnt?
The main thing is seeing how the senior players prepare for a big game. They’re so professional. It just makes you think that while you can enjoy yourself, you’re here to do a job and you have to be really professional in everything you do.

Reckon you’ll get on tonight?
Well, we don’t know just yet. But you just have to prepare like you’re going to play anyway so that if you are called on you are ready. And also we might be asked to play somewhere that’s not necessarily your natural position. But I'd do anything to play in any position at United, I’ll even go in nets if I’m asked!

Even if you didn’t get the chance to play, how much will this whole experience help you?
It’s a massive confidence-boost just being in the squad, being around the team, or even just watching pitchside and getting that view of the game. You learn so much. I’m only 18, and this is another stepping stone to trying to get in the squad and hopefully, at some point, on the pitch.

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