24/11/2009 09:49, Report by Nick Coppack
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Owen loves life at OT

Sometimes heroes spring from the most unlikely of sources. Former Liverpool striker Michael Owen is fast becoming a fans’ favourite in M16…

Firstly, are you happy with your contribution so far in a United shirt?
Yeah, I am. In my own mind I never doubted I’d score goals if I stayed fit and was given time on the pitch. How can you fail to score goals in a team like this? You’re playing with such good players that it’s impossible not to get chances.

Four goals in 17 appearances only tells half the story. If you break that down into minutes played, it’s actually a very good strike-rate…
In Madrid it was a similar story – I didn’t start every game but I ended up with the best goals-to-minutes ratio in the league. You can twist stats whichever way you want. A goal every one-and-a-half games sounds good, whereas four goals in 16 games isn’t quite so impressive. But they’re both accurate. At the end of the day, all I’m concerned about is playing and scoring as many times as I can.

How are you adjusting to making so many appearances from the bench?
I’ve played in a team that was struggling and I much prefer life at a winning club, even if that means I don’t play every minute of every game. I’m here at a club that’s full of quality, training with top players every day and working under a top manager. I’ve had my fair share of starts and minutes on the pitch this season so I’m not about to complain.

Have you heard ‘Michael Owen is a Red’ ringing around Old Trafford?

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Michael Owen is a Red

"Ten years ago I wouldn’t have dared dream I would one day play for United. I’ve been very fortunate and there’s no better feeling than playing, scoring, winning a match and hearing the fans sing your name."

– Michael Owen


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