"The training is hard and match-pace and it's always really sharp so you've got to keep going up a level no matter what age you are - that's what sets this club apart."

- Ryan Giggs

25/01/2012 12:00, Report by Gemma Thompson and Ann-Marie Keegan
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Ryan's training secrets

In an exclusive interview recorded for MUTV’s Inside Carrington show, Ryan Giggs talks to Mark Sullivan about training regimes and the keys to his longevity…

How has training changed over the years?
It's changed a lot. Much of that is to do with the surroundings that we've got now - Carrington is completely different from The Cliff [the old training ground]. We've got the swimming pool, the gym, the big sports hall, an indoor astro-turf pitch… we've got everything you could want really. The Cliff was pretty basic; there was just a changing room, not the best gym in the world and really old weights. You just went out on the pitch and trained, came in, had a shower and went home, whereas here you've got so much to keep you occupied and keep you here longer.

And there's a lot more staff involved in the training side of things these days too...
Yes that's another thing that's changed. Back when I started it was the manager, his assistant, Kiddo [Brian Kidd] and Archie [Knox] before that. Then you had a physio and that was it really. Now, we’ve got an assistant manager, a coach, fitness coaches and specialists in weights and running, so things have changed a lot.

Run us through a typical day at Carrington…
I’ll usually get in about quarter to nine, get a bit of breakfast then have a massage for 45 minutes. We all jump on the [exercise] bikes at 10 for 15 minutes just to turn our legs over. We'll then have a 10-minute stretch and then head out to train. If it’s early in the week and we don’t have a midweek game we’ll be out there an hour and a half or two hours maybe. If it's towards the end of the week and near the game if it will be half an hour or 45 minutes of intense quick play. Personally, I also do leg weights some days and yoga twice a week.

How much has the yoga helped you?
A lot - it's one of the main reasons why I'm still playing now at 38. I started when I'd just turned 30 because I wanted to try and help ease the problems I’d had with my hamstrings and it’s helped me in every other way as well; strengthening my legs and my core and bettering the flexibility I had when I was 18/19. I'm more flexible now than I was 20 years ago and that only helps you

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