17/01/2012 08:00, Report by Adam Bostock
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Sir Alex in awe of Ali

"His interviews at the time were phenomenal and he’d come out with poetry before the fights. But that time he went to Liston’s house was magnificent. Talk about courage! Clay also had the courage of course to stand up and say he wouldn’t fight for his country in the Vietnam war. You have to say he's an amazing man."

Sir Alex revealed he used to watch Ali in action by making late-night trips to various Scottish cinemas.

"I used to go in the early hours of the morning to Green's Playhouse, in Glasgow city centre, to watch Ali fight. They used to show the fights live. And when I was at Aberdeen I used to go to the Capitol during the night. It was brilliant, I loved that."

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Muhammad Ali

Formerly known as Cassius Clay

Born: 17 January, 1942
Record: Won 56/61 fights
Wins by knockout: 37

"His fight against Sonny Liston earmarked the rise of the world's greatest athlete." - Sir Alex Ferguson



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