11/09/2008 15:56, Report by Joe Evans, MUTV
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Blog: MUTV turns 10

Anyone watching MUTV on Wednesday night would have caught the channel in party mode, as we celebrated 10 years since our first broadcast.

To mark the occasion, a dazzling array of former players were invited to the weekly fan discussion programme, Wednesday Night Live At The Red Café. Among them were channel regulars Paddy Crerand, Alex Stepney, Lou Macari, David May and Mickey Thomas.

It was great having all those big names in one room together and the show went remarkably smoothly. As the programme came to an end, I suggested I’d later report on what happened as the ex-players and some of MUTV’s 60-plus staff stuck around for a party.

Well, I won’t bore you with the details but it involved watching football and drinking! One of the highlights was a member of staff taking centre stage to receive a bottle of champagne for 10 years’ service. Only one problem: he hadn’t worked for MUTV for 10 years and his name hadn’t been called out. Oops!

Anyway, the whole evening was about celebrating 10 years of broadcasting, which is a terrific achievement if you ask me. And don’t just take my word for it – one MUTV subscriber and a member of the audience on Wednesday’s show, Stuart Edwards, had this to say about the channel:

“I used to go to Reserves matches, but they can be difficult to get too sometimes, so to be able to watch them on MUTV is great. I think the channel gives fans a platform, too, especially with the Red Café show, which I take part in. I think it’s important for fans to be given a voice. Don’t get me wrong, MUTV could be improved, but it’s got a lot better in recent years!”

Meanwhile, one MUTV employee thinks there’s another secret to the channel’s longevity.

“I work on the stations’ output and put callers through to the phone-in shows. People love the chance to have a whinge!

“Okay, we’ve had some bad

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