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Mickey Thomas was our special guest in a live webchat on on Tuesday 24 August.

Look out for more live webchats with players, coaching staff and journalists... coming soon.
24/08/2010 14:15, Report by Adam Bostock
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Webchat: Mickey Thomas's new webchat service was graced with a special guest on Tuesday 24 August when ex-United midfielder Mickey Thomas answered your questions live. Here's a transcript of what he said (last question appears first):

He signed off with the following message:

That's all the questions I can answer today, but I'd like to thank everyone who contributed. I hope you enjoyed my honesty! My message to you is please be positive about United and stick together. If we do that, the team will keep on winning trophies. I hope to speak to you again soon. Regards, Mickey T.

Who is the best player you played with, at United and then anywhere?
Mark Whetton, Kettering

At United, I liked playing with Sammy McIlroy. He was a great player, very talented and very skilful. He was the last of the Busby Babes and a true legend. I played him with at Stoke as well. For Wales, it would be Mark Hughes. He had everything. He scored on his home debut for Wales, 1-0 against England. In my last-ever game for Wales, we swopped shirts. He was a great player, a real powerhouse and he's a great lad. I'm delighted to see him back in the game at Fulham.

As a former Wrexham player, do you think what has happened to them could have been prevented? And wouldn't they benefit more from playing in the League of Wales?
Donald Maxwell, Leigh

Well if the police hadn't arrested me and seized my printing machine, I still could have been funding them today! But seriously, it's a great shame because Wrexham is a great club and they've produced some great players on a regular basis. Their demise saddens me, it saddens a lot of people, and I'm desperate for them to get back in the league. They've got to get out of the Blue Square Premier but it won't be easy for Dean Saunders and his players to do it. It's a tough league. The League of Wales wouldn't be good for Wrexham. You get crowds of one man and a dog, and if the dog gets sick, then not even he can go!

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