20/05/2009 12:01,
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Treble: Sir Alex column

Ten years on from '99, Sir Alex says the absolute ecstasy of the season's finish remains a vivid memory, and an unmatchable achievement...

There's hardly a week goes by when I don’t think about some aspect of that momentous achievement in 1999 when we won our 'unique Treble'. And in many ways it still seems unreal because you need so much to go right for you to be successful in three separate and very different competitions.

You need not only a good team but also a quality squad so that you can keep your line-up fresh as you hit the crunch time of playing two key matches a week in the later stages. Even if you have got these basics on your side, you then need not only to avoid injury to top personnel, you need lady luck, if not actively on your side, at least not working for your rival!

We enjoyed all these things 10 years ago and by sheer force of character the players took advantage to win the Premier League by a point from Arsenal, collect the FA Cup by beating Newcastle 2-0 and then astound Bayern Munich with our injury-time double for a sensational 2-1 victory.

Happy days, so many memories made up of glorious bits of magic accompanied by heart-stopping anxiety. I recall with delight the way Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke seemed to score for the pure fun of it and it gave me great

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The Treble: Ten years on

"Happy days, I have so many memories of that season which was made up of glorious bits of magic, accompanied by heart-stopping anxiety."

- Sir Alex Ferguson


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