22/05/2011 20:04, Report by Nick Coppack
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Owen: This is the one

season. An incredible 21 players qualified for medals (10 appearances or more), although Owen was at pains to point out that even more players had played their part in their success.

“It’s a great team in my eyes,” he said. “Throughout the year you’d look at the team and think ‘he’s essential’ and then he’d dip out of form or somebody else would come back from injury or come into form… the amount of goals that have been spread around the team is fantastic.

“Everyone’s played a part, even the lads who have only played a couple of games, the likes of Wes Brown and Gary Neville, for instance. They’re all great members of the squad – we live with these guys day in and day out and they’re even more important than people would think.”

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That winning feeling

“I won a lot of trophies with Liverpool but to win the Premier League is the pinnacle of anyone’s career. I’m very proud today. I’m really pleased and proud to have played with a great crop of lads and obviously the manager’s second to none.”

- Michael Owen