23/04/2013 13:21, Report by Mark Froggatt
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Rio: Don't compare title 20

“We played Liverpool a couple of seasons ago when they were fighting for the title, we beat them and got to the league before them and they’ve not been seen since. That shows the mentality and character that this club has.” Ferdinand has now won six league titles at Old Trafford, a feeling that does not diminish over time.

“Winning can’t get boring,” he says. “It’s always sweet when you win the title and it’s nice to do it here at Old Trafford and in the right way, in style. We have won it outright and comfortably.

“I am still loud as ever, I have already lost my voice but you have got to enjoy it," Rio explained. “To be honest with you, we have been a little bit laxidasical about it when we had won a couple in the past, moving on quite quickly. But you have to enjoy it, especially when you get to my age.”

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