24/04/2013 10:22, Report by A Marshall, A O'Connor
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Evra has last laugh

"I believed it. I didn't say it to make people happy. I just trust when Manchester has that consistency, we will be the best team in the Premier League and we showed that we deserved it.

"We've won the league with four games to go. What a good job!"

Evra also had words of praise for star striker Robin van Persie after his hat-trick sank Villa and enabled the celebrations to start in earnest.

"I think, when the boss bought Robin van Persie, everyone knew he was a top-class player when playing for Arsenal," he stated. "But to play with him is just unbelievable.

"He came here with a lot of humility. I remember one game when he missed a penalty but scored a hat-trick [at Southampton] and he said sorry to everyone in the dressing room. That shows you the character and personality of Robin van Persie.

"I'm really pleased with him and I hope he wins the top scorer in the Premier League and, why not, also the Player of the Year."

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