"It is an honour for me to play and train with him. It really is. I told him as well."

- Robin van Persie, MUTV

25/04/2013 10:08, Report by Adam Marshall

Robin's respect for Ryan

Robin van Persie has revealed that it is an honour to train and play alongside Ryan Giggs.

The Welsh midfield maestro ensured a 13th title medal is on its way into his overstocked cabinet with a key role in the 3-0 victory against Aston Villa, setting up two of van Persie's three goals.

After signing a one-year contract extension, the veteran has been told by Sir Alex Ferguson that he can carry on for another couple of seasons.

"I was quite pleased we got the early goal and it was a great pass by Giggs," van Persie informed MUTV in an exclusive interview.

"It is an honour for me to play and train with him. It really is. I told him as well.

"Every training session, with the way he trains and loves the game, he sets the example for every single one of us for old and for young.

"The way he plays, today he gave me two brilliant assists and, every single day, he's just unbelievable in training and during games.

"He's 39 now but you can't tell. He's fit and he works his socks off. He is a true example for young and old."

When asked if he thinks he can carry on playing until such an age, van Persie laughed: "You never know! I love the game so we'll see!"

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