12/05/2013 19:11, Report by Adam Marshall
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Mixed feelings for Evra

"It's just the destiny," he explained. "That's not luck now - it's the winning mentality and the Manchester United culture.

"We always score late goals - it's not luck any more for me, just Manchester United's culture.

"I'm pleased for Rio. What a great goal and, to score in the last home game, I'm really pleased for him. Rio has had an excellent season. 

"Now we are so happy we're champions. Of course, when you win one, two, three, four or five. When I won the first one, I wanted to win more. We want to retain the trophy for next year. We'll make sure we have a good holiday but be back ready for next year as we have to win it again."

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Fear factor

"It was emotional for everyone - especially for the boss. He represents a lot for myself - I always say I was never scared of the boss but I was scared to disappoint him."

- Patrice Evra