19/05/2013 08:12, Report by Mark Froggatt
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Robin's title craving

“It is a mixed feeling because he brought me here,” Robin explained. “Although it has only been one year, it has been a year that has made a huge, unbelievable impact on me because of the way he is, the way he works and the person he is.

“We know him better than some other people. He looks after us like his own kids, he always protects us, he is very helpful, he’s positive and his meetings are incredible. It is just a joy to listen to his words and the things he says are always spot on.

“Last week, when he announced his retirement, it was a very sad day but it has been a brilliant year. That is what I like to think about and I like to remember him as a great person and an unbelievable manager.”

When asked what he’d like to win next term, Robin has encouragingly lofty ambitions: “Next year? The Double will do!”

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