Toshiba Medical Systems

Two iconic brands join forces to push the boundaries of diagnostic imaging in elite sports.

For over 130 years Toshiba's research and development has improved the health and welfare of people across the globe. Today we are one of the world's leading suppliers of medical imaging technology and a reliable business partner in more than 110 countries. With our state of the art imaging equipment and industry-leading service and support we help medical professionals around the world to provide the best, safest and most economic care to their patients from disease prevention, early diagnosis to treatment and follow up.

Innovation is a key part of the Toshiba fabric. With a strong commitment to research and development, we continuously develop new technology of high clinical value that helps users to enhance clinical pathways and the outcome for their patients. Aquilion ONE for instance is the world's first CT scanner that captures a whole organ such as the heart or brain in a single rotation. Next to providing the best image quality this unique feature adds functional and dynamic information to the images that can allow the clinician to make better informed disease management decisions in the shortest possible time.

The state of the art medical imaging equipment provided to Manchester United as part of our partnership will ensure that their world class players and staff will receive the best possible care from a company dedicated to helping clinicians achieve the best possible outcomes for their patients. It will help the club in screening and early diagnosis of injury, improve player welfare and also facilitate research into early markers of potentially preventable injuries and ways of maintaining player career longevity at an elite level.

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