Kagome Official Partner of Manchester United for Japan

Kagome is a Pioneer and Leader in Japan’s Tomato Business

Steeped in history, Kagome has been growing, cultivating and processing tomatoes for more than 110 years. Not only did it pioneer tomato processing in Japan, today it is the country’s undisputed industry leader in this sector.

Since Kagome’s founder, Ichitaro Kanie grew his first tomatoes back in 1899, the Japanese company has expanded to become the country’s leading tomato juice manufacturers. Not long after he grew that first crop, Kanie expanded the scale of tomato cultivation and began to develop its operations, eventually establishing Kagome, a successful tomato processing business handling sauces, ketchups and juices.

“True to nature, the flavour of Kagome” - this is its promise to its customers. Providing products that maximize the benefits of nature’s gifts, Kagome is working consistently to contribute to the wellbeing and longevity of people around the world.

Today, more than a century after seeing its first tomato bud, Kagome offers a range of products that incorporate not only tomatoes but a wide variety of other ingredients, including vegetables, fruits and lactic acid bacteria. Many of these products are top brands in Japan with pride of place in the hearts of consumers.

Kagome’s products include:

-Tomato Ketchup
-Tomato Juice
-Vegetable Mixed Juice
-Fruit & Vegetable Mixed Juice

Kagome encourages and promotes a healthy lifestyle, through exercise and vegetable intake, and feels its partnership with Manchester United will allow Kagome to promote the virtue of its products to a wider audience and help Kagome and the club to connect with the 4million-plus followers it has in Japan.

Kagome is looking forward to working with the Manchester United and its fans.


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