bwin Official Online Gaming and Betting Partner of Manchester United

A pioneer in online sports betting, bwin offers odds on more than 90 different sports with up to 30,000 bets being placed simultaneously on 66,000 live sports events every year.

bwin Sponsorship Strategy

As an established sponsor in some of the world’s most popular sports, bwin aims to offer something new through high profile and strategic partnerships. Since 2008, bwin’s sports sponsorship strategy has been based on three sports pillars; football, basketball and motorsport which complement the brand in terms of target audience, image and product in our core markets. 
Digital Partnerships with the leading football clubs in Europe

Football is at the heart of the bwin brand  and we are proud to be partnered with six of the leading football clubs in Europe: Manchester United, Real Madrid, FC Bayern München , Olympique de Marseille, Juventus Turin and RSC Anderlecht.

bwin’s international sponsorship strategy has evolved beyond brand awareness and is centred on digital partnerships that focus on the creation of online content and web and social integration; in this way bwin can talk to and engage with our core target audience. As an online business, it is key for bwin to be integrated into each partner’s online and digital space. Additionally, we seek to use the partnerships to create unique content and genuine ‘money-can’t-buy’ experiences that appeal to customers. In this way bwin aims to reach out to sports fans and differentiate from competitors by offering an unparalleled range of online and real world offers.

bwin is a brand of bwin.party, a global online gaming company, for more information about bwin.party click here.



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