25/02/2008 11:44, Report by Ben Hibbs

Midfield dilemma for fans's midfield pairing poll has caused quite a stir, with readers of the official Reds website divided over which players to choose.

Sir Alex Ferguson again rotated his central midfield against Newcastle at the weekend, Michael Carrick and Darren Fletcher turning in excellent performances. With Anderson, Paul Scholes and Owen Hargreaves also at the manager's disposal, United have an embarrassment of riches in the midfield engine room.

We asked you which pairing you would choose if you were Reds boss. The response so far has been overwhelming.

Fans have voted in their thousands on the issue, and the current leaders are Anderson and Carrick (30%), followed closely by Anderson and Hargreaves (22%), and Scholes and Anderson (14%).

The fact that 19-year-old Anderson appears in the top three choices is indicative of the wonderful debut season he is having, but that there has been such a varied spread across all the permutations shows just how strong United's midfield options are.

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The voting so far

Anderson, Carrick - 30%
Anderson, Hargreaves - 22%
Scholes, Anderson - 14%
Anderson, Fletcher - 9%
Carrick, Hargreaves - 9%
Scholes, Carrick - 6%
Scholes, Hargreaves - 6%
Carrick, Fletcher - 2%
Hargreaves, Fletcher - 1%
Scholes, Fletcher - 1%

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Figures correct at 9:00 GMT, 25 Feb


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