"We still need Giggs and Scholes’ awareness and their decision making. The experience they give to the squad is immense."

- Footiemadlad, Talking Reds
26/02/2008 11:21, Report by Adam Bostock

Talking Reds rate senior pair

The form of United's midfielders has not only given Sir Alex selection headaches, it's also inspired threads on our message board. Like this one on Giggs and Scholes...


"Ryan and Paul have been and still are important players to the squad. They have got vast experience, the character, the nerves and composure needed in big games. But I’d suggest the duo start more often on the bench, while the ever-consistent Anderson and speed merchant Nani are in the starting line-up."

"I think SAF knows how to use the squad and the players. We will need Giggs and Scholes when it comes to the later stages of the season. Their experience will help us in Europe. I agree they should not always play but they’re still important players."

"I agree that Giggs and Scholes are not as fast as maybe the newcomers but pace is not the only quality you need in a side. I think the reason why the young lads like Anderson and Nani are playing so well is because they have these players to look up to. It must be amazing to train with players who’ve done it all. Also, Scholes is not 100% fit either. He needs a few more games to get back, let’s not forget that. Speed was never a feature in his play to be honest. It’s his cleverness in the final third and his trickery that often goes unnoticed. The bottom line is that Giggs and Scholes can mix it with the best of them."

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