23/06/2008 09:17, Report by Adam Bostock

Scouted: David Silva

Spain's Euro 2008 quarter-final win over Italy might not linger in the memory but some of the men involved may be worth remembering.

Like David Silva, for example - a creative midfielder for Spain and the subject here of a scouting report by United supporter John Cho:

Player's name:
 David Silva
Position: Winger
Match Scouted: Spain v Italy
Strength: Quick feet, intelligent, sharp shooter
Availability: A product of Valencia's youth system, he might want to leave this summer for Champions League football. I'll be upset if this kid, like Torres, goes to Liverpool. I've kept saying this kid will be big. Now we have the proof.
Estimated cost: £15 - 20 million.
Key moment: The whole match against Italy. Torres and Villa were nowhere to be seen, but this kid tormented the Italian defence with his quick feet, clever passing, finding space, quick changes in direction, and some threatening long-distance shots. Although a winger, he sometimes appeared in the middle as a playmaker and also helped out in defence. 
Suitability for United: Some people may say his physique is not right for English football, but after seeing him take stick from the Italian defence, he is likely to hold his own against Premier League defenders.

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