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Scouted: David Villa

Spain kickstarted their Euro 2008 campaign with a 4-1 thumping of Russia, no thanks to Valencia hitman David Villa.

The 26-year-old bagged a classy hat-trick and proved his status as one of La Liga's finest frontmen is well founded.

Here, Talking Reds user dimebag420 assesses Villa's talents in a scouting report for Fanzone...

Scouting Report

Player name:
David Villa.
Position: Striker.
Match scouted: Spain vs Russia
Key moment: His third goal. Villa made a great run down the left channel, sent the defender the wrong way and calmly slotted past the goalkeeper.
Strengths: Out and out goalscorer, good pace, makes intelligent runs and is deadly when one-on-one with the 'keeper.
Weaknesses: Possibly a little selfish in front of goal. Then again, show me a top striker who isn't!
Suitability: The link-up play with Rooney and/or Tevez would be excellent. Rooney's unselfishness in front of goal would certainly be welcomed by Villa. That said, Villa's flicked pass in the build-up to Spain's fourth goal proves he can also play provider. The Spaniard's knack for well-timed runs would also gel with Scholes and Carrick's ability to cut defences open with through balls.
Estimated value: £15million to £20m.

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