11/06/2008 10:19,

Scouted: Joao Moutinho

The 21-year-old Sporting Lisbon captain isn’t the biggest name in Luis Felipe Scolari’s Portugal side, but he began Euro 2008 in fine style.

As Reds fan Jill Graham points out, he was in the thick of the action during Portugal’s opener against Turkey, came close to opening the scoring in the first half (the highlight of which was his inch-perfect, diagonal pass to Cristiano Ronaldo), and was on spot to help wrap up the points.

Player name:
Joao Moutinho.
Position: Attacking midfielder.
Match scouted: Portugal v Turkey.
Key moment: Aware of Raul Mereiles steaming up outside him, Moutinho collected the ball from Cristiano Ronaldo near the penalty spot, spun off his defender and laid it on a plate for his Portuguese team-mate to finish.
Strengths: Even in a Portugal side rich in attacking flair, Moutinho stands out, with a lockerful of tricks and the ability to put a pass on a sixpence.
Weaknesses: He's not the biggest – only around 5ft 7in – so might struggle to impose himself against robust Premier League midfields.
Suitability: Given the pace in the United line-up, Moutinho’s perceptive passing could take the Reds’ counter-attacking to new levels. 
Estimated value: Around £15m.

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