14/03/2008 13:02, Report by Adam Bostock

Fans pleased with draw

Supporters posting on our Talking Reds message board seem quietly confident about facing Roma in the Champions League quarter-finals again...

"I think it´s looking good for Man Utd, but we mustn't underestimate Roma. They knocked out Real Madrid, so let´s keep that in mind before we think of last year's 7-1 victory. I think Man Utd will win both games 2-0, and Cristiano Ronaldo will score 2 goals."

"The best draw we could hoped for! The Roma officials looked like they were going to cry on TV! Let's concentrate on the 1/4 final first. Let's not make the mistake of thinking about the semis... although as a footnote, I'd love to meet Liverpool in the final and give them a good beating!"

Steve Jewitt
"I know we should be confident but since we have already beaten them recently I will feel quite nervous. I feel the same for the Arsenal game in the league after beating them in the FA Cup."

"Could have been worse, nice easy gateway into the semis to meet Barca. It'll be United v Arsenal in the final."

"Boring! I might be jumping the gun but I'm already looking forward to the Barcelona tie."

Opinions on the message board do not necessarily reflect Manchester United's views.


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