08/03/2008 15:46, Report by Adam Bostock

Fans rant after Cup exit

Feelings were understandably running high on the Talking Reds message board in the immediate aftermath of United's FA Cup defeat to Portsmouth...

Lolu Ayo-Odugbesan
"That was the most atrocious refereeing I have seen this season. But although the ref is responsible for 80% of the blame, the players should also take some blame. The decision making today was poor - trying to dribble around the keeper when you should shoot, passing the ball inside the box when you are open with only the keeper to beat..."

Miki Paunkoski
"I stayed up until around 2am in Melbourne, Australia to watch this and the ref blew it. I wasted my night when I could have been sleeping.

"If we can't beat teams like Pompey at home in the FA Cup then what chance have we in Europe? Talk of winning the treble this year was just wishful thinking."

"We were unlucky. These things happen. I hope the team use this result as a kick up the backside and go on a typical winning run now."

"Granted we were unlucky not getting the penalty and fluffing numerous chances. But the height of Pompey's well-organised defence highlighted our need for a tall striker."

Opinions on the message board do not necessarily reflect Manchester United's views.


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