07/11/2008 16:07, Report by Rio Ferdinand

Rio's birthday blog

Turning 30 holds no fear for 'veteran' Reds defender Rio Ferdinand...

The presents I've had for my 30th birthday are amazing, including a Manchester United history book... that tells you I’m getting old. Certainly the presents are a lot different to the ones I was getting when I was 21.

To be honest, this has probably been the best year in terms of presents. I got an Argentina shirt signed by Diego Maradona who came to watch us train on my birthday. I was also given a This Is Your Life book with loads of messages from people close to me. One of the best presents I’ve ever received.

I was talking to Giggsy the other day about turning 30. He said it’s usually the time when people stop calling you a "young" or  "promising" player. You start to hear things like "veteran", "experienced" and "war horse"… the list goes on.

Obviously I have got some experience under my belt now and I’ve played a lot of games at different levels for club and country. You just garner that experience and hope it stands you in good stead for the coming years.

Giggsy also told me my (body) fat tests will start to differ now! Hopefully mine won’t be too bad. He’s done okay, and hopefully I can follow in his footsteps in terms of looking after myself. I’ve got a good fitness regime that I stick to and hopefully that will help enhance my performances over the coming years.

I think looking after my kids will help keep me young. It’s a good way to judge your fitness - if you can keep getting up off the sofa every other minute to look after them then you’re doing okay!


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