01/10/2008 10:00, Report by Nick Coppack
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Blog: Berba chips in's Nick Coppack befriended a Berbatov unbeliever in the pub on Tuesday, who soon came round to reason after the Bulgarian's double...

Just before 9pm last night I found myself standing in the rain outside a pub in Chorlton, Manchester, sharing my fish and chips with a stranger.

I was watching United begin the second half against Aalborg through the pub window (I’d left at the break to grab a bite to eat) when this guy approached me and asked if I was “red or blue”.

“Red,” I replied. “Blue tonight, though,” I added, pointing at the TV. He blinked a few times, unsure of what I meant before realising I was referring to the new third kit.

“You almost had me there!” he chortled.

“So, looks like Scholes might be out for a while,” I said, offering him a chip.

“Aye, but our biggest worry is Berbatov,” he said. “He’s too slow, he’s lazy and he misses too many chances.”

“Maybe he’s started a little slowly,” I conceded, “but he’ll come good. Fergie’s usually right, you know.”

“I don’t really eat chips from a chippy," he said. "I prefer mine cooked in lard rather than oil. That’s how I have ‘em at home. Hey, what about Veron? He wasn’t a great signing.”

“Hmm, I guess he didn’t quite live up to expectations.”

“And that other South American. The one starting with K. Krayola?”


“Yeah, him.”

“Don’t worry. Berbatov will be fine. Sir Alex has got this one spot on.”

By this stage I’d wolfed down the last of the chips so re-entered the pub to take up my position in

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