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Red Heads: Julian Long

Name: Julian Long
Age: 45
From: Chester

Where do you sit? North Stand Lower

How did you become a Red? I got bitten by the butcher's dog when I was about four and got taken to see United against Chelsea as compensation. Things stick - I love United and hate dogs.

The ultimate United moment? It has to be Barcelona in ‘99. The whole experience was unsurpassable. The city, never mind the stadium, appeared to become a second home to the whole of Mancunia, and then the game and it's dramatic conclusion on Sir Matt's birthday... the guy next to me looked despondent at ninety minutes and I just said, ‘this team is never beaten.’ I never for one minute believed myself, but football is nothing without hope.

Favourite all-time player? As a boy: Steve Coppell - a classic winger and a model of consistency. As a man: Roy Keane. From where we sit you could hear the rollickings he used to dish out to some, as well as the handclaps of encouragement in support of the younger players. The enigmatic Cantona has to be in there also. It's astonishing that his name is still sung when he retired so long ago. I've never known any one person have such an impact on a club, in its entirety, as Eric. He is absolutely unique in a myriad of ways.

What’s the longest trip you’ve made to see the Reds? It has to be Moscow - there and back in the longest day. The best was Barca in ’99 following a week-long drive through France and Spain. Three of us stopped in the South of France on the eve of the game and, when looking for a bar in a small town, heard some familiar voices. It was two of our mates who we sit with in North Stand. At various times throughout that trip we bumped into over a dozen people we sit close to - incredible given there must have been 100,000 Reds in and around Barcelona. We also saw Steve Bruce at a restaurant, which acted as a great decoy for my fumbling Spanish meal order; I’m still not sure what we ate!

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