05/08/2009 08:28, Report by Nick Coppack
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Red Heads: Mick Groom

Name: Mick Groom
Age: 50
From: Wickford

Where do you sit?

I was in K Stand but this season I’ve moved to East Lower, Row BB. It’s nice and close to the action and a bit nearer the away fans so there’s a bit of banter. 

How did you become a United fan?
When I was at school there was an older lad I used to knock around with who was a United fan. He’s the one who got me into it and then my first season as a regular was 1974/75. I’d been to a few London games before that – my first one was Spurs at White Hart Lane in 1971.

Any United tattoos?
Several, actually! I’ve got over 100 tattoos all over my body, including a red devil somewhere not many people see. I’ve also got a big United crest on my back that I got done when I was 17.

What's your ultimate United moment?
For me, it was beating Liverpool in the 1977 FA Cup final. It was the first cup final I’d seen us win and we stopped them winning the Treble. That one just about pips the Treble in 1999.

Worst you’ve felt as a United fan?
Not getting a ticket for Southampton in the 1976 Cup final was pretty bad and there have been some horrible defeats down the years. These days, however, I forget losses a lot quicker. Even a few hours after we lost in Rome I was thinking ahead to this season. You can’t win ‘em all.

Favourite all-time player?
My first hero was big Jim Holton. Bryan Robson was terrific too, and that was in a rubbish side. But I think I’d have to plump for Eric Cantona. He was a fantastic entertainer.

Most under-rated current player?
Darren Fletcher. Last season he came on leaps and bounds and really showed his worth. There are also a lot of fans who

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