24/12/2009 07:50, Report by Nick Coppack
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Q&A: Delphic

How do you follow the team when you’re touring?
: Maybe we shouldn’t admit it, but we were in Glasgow for this season’s Manchester derby and we watched the game illegally on our sound engineer’s computer.
Matt: When Owen scored the winner I shouted so much and so aggressively that my voice went. I had to do vocal warm-ups for about three hours and I was really worried I wouldn’t be able to sing!
Rich: I wish I’d seen it. After Bellamy equalised I stormed out of the room!

You’ve got a song on your forthcoming album called ‘Red Lights.’ Is it about United?
: I’d love to say yes. Maybe subconsciously it is. I’m happy to leave it open to interpretation – if fans want to assume it’s about United then great. We were really chuffed when we heard Red Lights had been played at Old Trafford, but I’m not sure we’ll ever dislodge ‘This Is The One’ as the pre-kick-off music, though!

What’s on the horizon for Delphic?
: Our album is out in January and we’ve got lots of gigs lined up. I think we’ll also try and write the second album as soon as possible. It’s easy to get distracted and start playing too much Pro Evo so we’ll try and keep busy.

Delphic’s debut album ‘Acolyte’ is out on 11 January 2010 – you can get four free tracks at:

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