05/12/2009 17:11, Report by Nick Coppack
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Reds on tour

When Los Campesinos! came to town, the boys in the band convinced the girls that a visit to OT was absolutely essential. Singer Gareth (pictured in the burgundy jacket) took time out to chat to…

What are your Red credentials? Why Manchester United?
I have uncles who are Reds but I also grew up in that era when every kid at the time admired United. I had a teacher at school who was a big United fan and would treat United fans a lot better. So my willingness to be teacher’s pet probably contributed as well. Neil, our guitarist, is from Winsford, near Crewe, but his mum and dad grew up in Stretford and his grandma worked at the club as a cleaner in the 1970s. Tom's grandparents are from Manchester, too, and Ollie just started supported United to avoid getting beaten up!

Who was your first hero?
Mark Hughes. I think most of my earliest memories would be from the 1993/94 season and he was terrific. It was a great era – the side played some amazing football – and I remember at that age I would get really excited waiting for the season review books to come out. Actually, while I think of it, I want to say how much I rate Raimond van der Gouw. I think he must have been the most patient man in history and never got the credit he deserved. He didn’t play the game with any flair but that’s what made him so good. He was safe and always did a good job when he came in.

How do you keep in touch with scores when you’re on tour?
When we’re in America it’s pretty easy because ESPN have a lot of coverage. This last US tour we did, we got up at about 7am to watch United v Arsenal on my laptop. We also have Wi-Fi on the bus so we often follow the BBC live text updates and some of us get goal alerts on our mobile phones.

Where did you watch the 2008 Champions League final?
We were in Boston. And there’s nothing more infuriating than watching football – or soccer as they call it – with Americans. We were the only ones in this bar who

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