07/12/2009 14:32, Report by Matt Nichols
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Your defence for Wolfsburg?

Wolfsburg’s strikers.

Ees A Fact No!: It’s got to be young Gill at right back, Carrick and Fletcher in the centre and Evra at left back. Let's be honest it’s not ideal but needs must. I seem to remember they were very physical up top at Old Trafford so a bit of experience in the centre is a must. At least if Gill plays at right back any mistake he makes through lack of experience is less likely to be punished than it would be if he was at centre back. I also think the boss might go for a 4-5-1 formation to help cover the makeshift defence.

Noni: I think the defence will comprise Fletcher, Carrick, Gill and Evra. Gibson is set to start again, and I think he'll play alongside Anderson in the centre of the park. This is the time for Nani to step up, so I expect him to start. At the other flank I'd go for Welbeck, and up front Owen should definitely start.

Chikodi: For us to succeed at Wolfsburg we have to choke the midfield. Remember that our opponents are also reading our blogs and will know that we have a depleted backyard (defence). I think a 4-5-1 formation will be ideal.

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