21/07/2009 10:32, Report by Nick Coppack in KL
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Blog: Reds in Malaysia

Wednesday 22 July (all times are local, 7 hours ahead of UK)

08:35 – I always feel as if there's something I've forgotten to pack... We're off to South Korea this morning – it's a six-hour flight, which means the next you hear from me will probably be when we land in Seoul late this afternoon. I hope you've enjoyed all the updates from Kuala Lumpur. I'll start a new blog for the Korea leg of the tour so keep an eye out on the homepage for that one!

Tuesday 21 July

22:34 – Well, our stay in Malaysia is almost over. It's been hot and sweaty but also a lot of fun. Everybody's been incredibly welcoming and we've seen two decent games of football as well. All in all, a successful trip!

It's time for me to log off for the evening, but I'll probably have one more update in the morning before we head to Seoul for the next leg. Goodnight!

19:50 – Ouch. Everything David Gill said was true: Rene Meulensteen is a gun on the tennis court, with a first serve Ivo Karlovic would be proud of. Robin van der Laan's pretty handy as well. Needless to say, Ben and I were annihilated. It was a lot of fun, though, and we ended up partner-swapping for another two sets, which made things a little more competitive. I'd say the highlight was when I sent a bullet serve straight down the middle to ace Rene, although he may say otherwise...

Check out the image gallery for a couple of pics.

16:45 – Time to play some tennis! I'll be offline for an hour or two (or maybe not – it could be all over in 30 minutes) but I'll check back in afterwards and let you know how we got on. Wish me luck!

16:09 – I've just been down to the lobby where I met some really friendly fans (I'd like to say a special hello to Zufino, Zahir, Ashvin, Aween, Ted, Hafiz, Andrew and Melissa!). Sometimes when I'm sitting in the office in

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