18/07/2009 14:29, Report by Nick Coppack in Malaysia

View from the press box

There could be worse ways to earn a living than travelling the world to watch and write about United. But, as journalist Nick Coppack reveals from Malaysia, things don't always go to plan...

Arrive at the ground early: check. Take up prime position in the press box: check. So far, so good. Now I'm going to fire up the laptop and get online so I can keep the
tour blog ticking over.

Oh dear. This was the moment - at approximately 16:15 - when things started to go downhill. I'd planned to provide regular updates live from the ground on right up until kick-off. Then I was going to write the match report so United fans could read all about events on the pitch in Kuala Lumpur just minutes after the final whistle. (A big, big thank you to my colleague back in Manchester, Gemma Thompson, for stepping in at the last moment, by the way!)

With no internet access, I decided I may as well document the game (and post-match events) with my trusty new digital camera. So, click on the image to the left to see how my afternoon at the Bukit Jalil stadium unfolded...


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