30/07/2009 10:06, Report by Ben Hibbs

Who should take free-kicks for United?

Anderson staked a claim for set-piece duties after his jaw-dropping free-kick against Boca Juniors in the Audi Cup, but we want to know who you think is best placed for the job.

Sir Alex has admitted that, since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, it's a job that is up for grabs. And there are several candidates, not least Anderson after throwing his hat into the ring with a beautifully-arced shot into the top corner during Thursday's 2-1 win over Boca.

"We’ve been thinking about this [who should be our free-kick taker] for weeks now. There’s no definite answer to it. I think it depends on who my 11 players are in a particular game.

"We have two or three players who I feel are naturals to take on the responsibility. Evra, Carrick, Anderson and Giggs are natural choices to take free-kicks and penalty kicks. But I’ll make my mind up on the day."

That's what the boss thinks. Now have your say. Post your views on the Talking Reds thread, or vote in's poll.


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