16/06/2009 11:47,

Scouting: Bojan Krkic

The latest of our scouting reports - from Talking Reds poster Roonical - focuses on Spain and Barcelona's starlet...

Player name: Bojan Krkic
Teams: Spain, Barcelona
Position: Striker
Age: 18

Match scouted: Spain 0-0 Germany, 15 June 2009

Key moment: He struggled to make an impression here, but I saw him for Spain U21s against Belgium. He got the ball just inside their half, created space and then cracked a shot past the goalkeeper.

Strengths: He has many; particularly a devastating mix of speed and agility, much like Lionel Messi, which allows him to go past players with ease. Bojan also has immense power in his shots and can score from a variety of positions.

Weaknesses: Needs to learn when to pass and when to shoot, but decision-making is an asset that comes with experience.

Suitability: With Berbatov up front, Bojan and Rooney could take up wide positions. I'd love to see them link up together.

Estimated cost: Being at Barcelona, he might be difficult to prise away from the Nou Camp. But if we to pay the money and offer first-team opportunities, a fee of around £20million could get our man. It's a high price, but I think he'll soon become one of the best players in the world and would be a great asset.

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