04/05/2009 09:00, Report by Gemma Thompson
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Live blog from London

Gemma Thompson is with United's jubliant squad in London after securing a deserved trip to Rome. Return here for regular updates...

Wednesday 6 May

So how's your head? Feeling a tad delicate like mine?! Worth it though isn't it. We've just arrived at Euston to get the train home to Manchester. Everyone is feeling great as you can imagine and looking forward to a trip to Rome. The general view amongst the staff on the trip is we'd like to play Barcelona rather than Chelsea - I'd go along with that too. I'll definitely be watching tonight when they take on the Blues at Stamford Bridge. Thanks for following the blog... hope you enjoyed hearing about life inside the camp. Bye for now!

Tuesday 5 May (Matchday)

Paddy Crerand expects a United v Chelsea final. The 1968 winner actually predicted that right at the start of the season - I wonder if he put any money on it... looks a very good bet now. I'm just popping for a celebratory drink in the hotel bar with everyone on the trip. The players are having a bite to eat in the dining room at the moment. We leave for Manchester first thing on Wednesday morning - doubt I'll sleep much tonight, far too excited!

23:15 Back at the hotel, and yes, I've been swinging my scarf round my room! There was a big gathering of fans outside the hotel entrance waiting to greet the European Champions and, now we can say it, the 2009 finalists. I caught up with Michael Carrick, Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand and Patrice Evra briefly after the game, all of whom are understandably delighted to be going to Rome. But they feel for Fletch, it's just so wrong that he's going to miss out. I also spotted David Beckham who popped into the dressing room to congratulate his former team-mates. He looked well chuffed!

21:50 Just heading down to the tunnel area to see what the players have got to say after a famous win which seals our place in Rome. United made it look easy in the end...

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