26/05/2009 15:02, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Live blog from Rome

The team are in Rome, blogging on the build-up to the Champions League final live from the Italian capital...


OK, all the gang are in the stadium now and it's time to follow the action live in Match Tracker. Thanks for following the Live blog from Rome over the past two days... here we go, come on United! (AB)

18:07 I'm taking the tram up to Stadio Olimpico. Barcelona fans are on the tram too, singing 'Man City' at us but it's all good humoured really. In fact, the majority of fans on board seem to be Catalans and they're very vocal so far but we know United fans are spread all over the city and we'll make ourselves heard when we get to the ground. Both sets of supporters seem confident - a common prediction among the Barcelona faithful is 2-0. (PD).

18:02 Our bus is stuck in heavy traffic en route to the stadium. But it's okay, we went past the Barcelona squad's hotel and they apparently haven't left yet. The game can't start without them so we should be there in time. Dimitar Berbatov's family have hitched a ride with us and are sitting near me. They've brought huge Bulgaria flags with them. (BH)

17:08 I'm in the hotel lobby, waiting to leave for the stadium with my fellow journalists. I'm actually feeling really nervous now. Even though we've achieved so much this season - count 'em: Community Shield, Club World Cup, Carling Cup, Premier League - it feels like 10 months of hard work have come down to this one match tonight. Fingers crossed the Reds will end the campaign on the highest of notes. (BH)

16:39 OK, so I lied earlier about not being here to sight-see. With hours still to kill before kick-off, I couldn't resist breaking away from the crowd to visit the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain - both are very impressive. There are fans everywhere and surprisingly, from what I've seen around the city, Barcelona's outnumber United's. I hope it's not the same at the stadio. (JT)

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