16/11/2009 13:08,

A or B? Jonny Evans

Who says on that we don't ask the difficult questions? Jonny Evans is the first player to be grilled in our new occasional series…

A. Eastenders / B. Coronation Street
Coronation Street, because it’s from the north.

A. Sugababes / B. Girls Aloud
I’m going to go with Girls Aloud - I’m a Kimberley fan!

A. English / B. Maths
Definitely maths. I’m not one for imagination – I’m better if you give me an equation to solve.

A. Beans / B. Spaghetti Hoops
Beans, definitely.

A. Pizza / B. Pasta
Pizza. I very rarely eat pasta. So pizza, with pepperoni.

A. United Review / B. Inside United
I probably read the programme more because it’s there waiting for us on a matchday.

A. Shower / B. Bath
I’m definitely a shower man.

A. Tea / B. Coffee
Tea - just milk, very strong, no sugar.

A. Book / B. Magazine

A. Sweet / B. Savoury
I’m a sweet man, all the way.


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