13/11/2009 10:40,

My Old Trafford moment

OT regular Ben Williams recalls the floodgates opening against Villa…

“I was too young to truly appreciate United’s great teams of the 90s, and I was only 15 when we won the Treble. So the current side feels like the one I’ve really followed. The pinnacle for this squad so far is the double in 2007/08. And I’ll never forget the day we beat Aston Villa 4-0, 29 March 2008, on the way to title glory.

“I was sat on my own in North Stand and I was really anxious. There were just seven games to go in the title race, but this was one of our trickiest fixtures. It'd been chucking it down all day; I lived in Gorton, so got a bus to town then walked to Old Trafford. I was absolutely drenched by the time I got there.

“It was a bad start, but on the pitch everything clicked. Evra, Ronaldo – who started the scoring with that incredible backheel - and Rooney were brilliant and the attacking football was as good as I’ve known it. Villa didn't fold, we just obliterated them while the rain hammered down. I've never seen so much water!

“I'd sat in this particular seat several times and hadn’t always seen eye-to-eye with the guy who usually sat behind me. But that day, we were jumping up and down together. Watching the game, you sensed we were on the verge of something very special. It was still pouring down as I made my way out of the ground, but I didn't care. I was just buzzing off what a great game I’d seen.”

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