19/10/2009 09:57, Report by Stewart Gardner, MUTV
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Life's a beach

I bet sales of beach balls will have gone through the roof in the Manchester area over the weekend! You can be sure that Anfield stewards monitoring the away end on Sunday will be on the lookout for United fans trying to sneak inflatable footballs into the big game.

So many parts of what happened at the Stadium of Light on Saturday were hilarious. The way that Jose Reina actually tried to save the beach ball rather than the football was priceless.

The incident also made me question the laws of physics. Anyone who’s actually tried to play football with a beach ball knows that they are infuriating. You can’t kick them straight as even the slightest breath of wind blows them away. So how can a beach ball that weighs virtually nothing actually change the direction of a football that’s blasted at it?

And did you see Match of the Day on Saturday? They actually pixelated the face of the kid who threw the beach ball on to the pitch to try to save him from embarrassment! Just imagine the stick he’ll be getting at school today. Well done, son, you’re a hero.

What a weekend it was for United. A win to go back to the top of the table and Chelsea and Liverpool both lose. I reckon if United win at Anfield on Sunday then Liverpool’s title hopes will be over.

The first few months of the season seem to suggest that whoever wins the title will probably lose far more games than usual. The 'Big Four' have already lost nine times between them. And clearly teams like Sunderland, Spurs, Villa and City are providing a real threat.

But before the Liverpool game, there’s a return to Moscow. The Luzhniki Stadium will always contain priceless memories for United fans. At the team training session on Tuesday night I’m going to make a pilgrimage to the penalty area where John Terry slipped, where Ryan Giggs kept his head and Nicolas Anelka lost his.

Those hours of rain-soaked celebrations were just

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