15/10/2009 18:07, Report by Steve Bartram

My seat in the stadium

Gareth Edwards, 28, from Stockport, tells us about life following United’s home games from his seat in North-West Lower…

Tell us about yourself as a fan…
I went to my first game in 1988. I’ve had a season ticket for 10 years and never miss a home match. The most memorable games I’ve been to are the 1991 European Cup Winners’ Cup final against Barcelona and the 1996 FA Cup final win over Liverpool.

How long have you sat in your seat?
I’ve been here a year, having previously sat about 20 rows further back.

What have been your favourite moments in your current seat?
I’ve never been a fan of supporters who whip their shirts off to celebrate, but I have to admit I’ve been driven to do it twice this year - firstly after Macheda’s goal against Villa and again after Owen’s derby winner last month. Both times, you would have seen me unashamedly twirling my shirt in joy!

What’s the best thing about your area?
Being surrounded by knowledgeable, vocal fans. We're close to the Stretford End so it’s always loud around us, and being as far away from the away fans as we can be, we rarely hear them except when their team scores.

Do you have any superstitions or rituals?
I used to always drink in the same pub before each game and leave for the ground at the same time, but these days I only have one ritual - just before the teams are welcomed onto the pitch, many fans start clapping, but I won’t clap until I see our captain. I don't know why, but that’s what I do! I sit with my dad and he always mutters the same Welsh phrase when the teams come out – I have no idea what he’s saying though!


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