07/10/2009 13:55, Report by Gemma Thompson
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Q&A: Patrick Kielty

Comedian, TV presenter and United fanatic Patrick Kielty has had to follow the Reds from afar in recent weeks…

What have you made of the campaign so far? Apart from the blip at Burnley, United have been in great form…
We have to have a little blip now and again to give other teams a bit of hope! It’s been great to see us doing so well especially as many people were questioning how some big name departures would affect us. As a Red you just have to have faith in the boss and the players. Just look at the way Fletcher and Giggs have performed for example. Ryan looks like he could keep going like Stanley Matthews into his 50s, while Fletch has really come of age.

Have you managed to make it to Old Trafford this season?
Sadly, I haven’t. I was away at the Montreal Comedy Festival for a bit and went on holiday as soon as I came back. I’ve been watching every game, albeit in different foreign pubs, and I’m hoping to get to one of the upcoming Champions League matches.

Where do you usually sit?
Usually in South Stand. I’ve watched a couple of games from K Stand which is always great. Some of the most enjoyable matches I’ve been to have been away from home – it’s great to be amongst the travelling Reds having a laugh, bouncing about and cheering on the lads. I once sat in the Chelsea home end when we were playing at Stamford Bridge and was getting loads of stick from the Chelsea fans around me. In the end a steward came up to me and said he had a ticket for the away end if I’d like it. I snapped it up immediately and had a great time in with the United fans.

Where does the recent derby win rank in your favourite United moments?
Oh, it’s one of the best. The funny thing is I live round the corner from Stamford Bridge and I was watching the game at home that day. I had my back door open and could hear some Chelsea fans cheering in a pub down the road when Bellamy equalised in the 90th minute. Just a few minutes later you could

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