13/10/2009 08:34,

Red Heads: Anthony Palmer

Name: Anthony Palmer
Age: 25
From: Basildon

How did you become a fan? It’s been drummed into my head since I was a baby. Apparently I’d be dressed in a junior United kit most days. My dad started taking me to games from the age of eight.

Favourite all-time player? There have been a few good ones in the no.7 shirt over the years, but I’d have to pick Eric Cantona.

How many countries have you seen United in? I’ve been to Italy, France, Austria, Portugal and Spain. I’m planning on doing next year’s pre-season trip, though.

Scariest moment as a United fan? I’ve never been caught up in any trouble but when I was 10 my dad took me to Southampton and snuck some beer into the ground. The police were instantly on the scene and arrested him. I had to decide whether to go with them to the police station or watch the game and find him afterwards. It was a bit scary as a 10-year-old but there was only one decision: United always come first!

Has United ever got you into trouble? Not really. The girlfriend understands what United mean to me, although she did try to pin me down at the start of this season by asking how many aways I’d be doing. I told her “probably only about 20.”

Best bit about supporting United? The constant success, although I’m also enjoying the fact that following United takes me to so many different places around the world.


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